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Richard Concannon with Smoki Bacon produce The Literati Scene on BNNTV 23, a TV show with a focus on authors. An array of high profile talent have been on as contributing commentators to compliment the creativity and excitement of the hosts. Radio and TV personality Upton Bell has given his thoughts on the Boston sports scene and Ken Gloss of The Brattle Bookstore recently explained the technique for identifying authentic first editions. Radio and TV commentator Richard Flavin is a frequent guest who talks about the many and varying New England lifestyles.

Bacon and Concannon's field of activity is covering current events, theatre, books, museums, commerce, medicine, politics, science and arts organizations. They started covering events and personalities on their "Celebrity Time" radio show for 1980 and have been producing their own TV show since 1996.

The Literati Scene is on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm and Thursdays at 10:30 am on Channel 23 in Boston, and also on 13 other TV stations in New England. Episodes are archived and showcased by International TV site The format is hosted and produced by Bacon-Concannon Associates.

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